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Heard of the Here Comes the Bus App? 🚍 OPS transportation announced GPS school bus tracking available to families of high school students who ride Student Transportation of America buses. The service provides the location of the students’ bus. Read more: http://bit.ly/2E3rNu2

Today is a great opportunity to learn about & support local nonprofits making a difference in the @OmahaMetroArea! #GivingTuesday  #GivingTuesday402 #GivingTuesday712 http://givingtuesday402.org

There are only 15 school days in December. ❄️Winter break starts on Dec. 23. Make sure you arrive at school every day and on time. #Strivefor95

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United Kingdom Shane Show fans! Did you head to the #PollsBeforeBowls today!? 🇬🇧🌿💨

Hopefully, the world gets rid of TWO fat idiot fake-blonde racists by Christmas! #GeneralElection2019 #ImpeachmentHearings #GeneralElection19 #impeachmentDebate

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I met you 15 years ago for about 45 seconds. I’m not an “aura” guy. But you seemed overwhelmingly kind. And your husband brilliant. What happened to your dude. He helped out this maniac in office.

Roma Downey@RealRomaDowney

Congrats @GretaThunberg https://twitter.com/time/status/1204743717132914688

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Happy Thanksgiving @DundeeOmaha! Get your #TheDundeeLife gear today! #DundeeAlumni #TheSunks https://teespring.com/stores/thedundeelife


Let’s go @JoeyCraig! Why not get your best 60yd dash time to date at the @BigRed_Academy Stars Camp! 6.8 / 6.75. Not too shabby! We got work to do! One day at a time, one season at time... #TheAthleteLife #MultisportAthlete #DowntownHigh #JoeyBomb

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