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Our fearless leader @Joe_Craig at the load in of the @NAPSFnews 2019 Statewide Conference in Lincoln, Nebraska. #IAmPartoftheStory

#OPSFSpotlight: 10,000 Villagers! Winter is on the way & we’re working to ensure every child is prepared. A $20 donation can purchase hats, gloves & scarves for four students. Donations will be accepted through October 31st. Learn more & donate today! https://t.co/vGnhZa56LF

The 2019 Nebraska Association of Public School Foundations Statewide Conference is underway in Lincoln! #IAmPartoftheStory https://t.co/zrS6ZlbqTa


We have some sad news to share this afternoon. Dr. G.E. “Doc” Moller, beloved principal of Central High School from 1968-1995, passed away last night at the age of 89. Please visit our Facebook page (https://t.co/jQXksanl7r) to read Doc's full biography.

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OPSF is pleased to have been selected as the charity partner once again for the vinNEBRASKA Wine Event 2020! The two night event will take place March 27 & 28, 2020. Sponsorship opportunities available. Please contact Roxanne Nielsen at 531.299.9452. https://t.co/h5aOeAcDGE

#OPSFSpotlight: A $20 donation can purchase hats, gloves & scarves for four @OmahaPubSchool students this winter. Donations will be accepted through October 31st, when staff will order the winter gear to distribute in November. #StriveFor95 https://t.co/vGnhZ9Nvn5

#OPSFTeacherGrants: OPS Principals: Teacher Grant Applications are being accepted for the 2020 @OmahaPubSchool year now until November 30, 2019. Please share and direct your teachers to our grant portal and streamlined online grant application today! https://t.co/xSZtYrGdY0

Winter is coming! We’re working to ensure every @OmahaPubSchool child has the hats, gloves & scarves they need. We’re calling it “10,000 Villagers” to honor the many community members who support our students. Learn what a $20 donation will do today! https://t.co/vGnhZa56LF

“We are not daily beggars who go from door to door but we are neighbors children whom you have seen before”. Help us collect 10000 hats gloves and scarves for our 10,000 villagers campaign. #warmcozykids #strivefor95 #setthebarhigh click on link to give https://t.co/DFNK40ZVm9

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@ShaneShowRadio @thechrisvanger @NBCLA This honestly might be the funniest thing I’ve ever seen. I’m out on lunch right now and people are looking at me jeeeeez I can’t

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Let’s go @JoeyCraig! Why not get your best 60yd dash time to date at the @BigRed_Academy Stars Camp! 6.8 / 6.75. Not too shabby! We got work to do! One day at a time, one season at time... #TheAthleteLife #MultisportAthlete #DowntownHigh #JoeyBomb

Summer 2019 #JoeyBomb Gear Drop! #TheDundeeLife t-shirts are available online. Limited availability at #DundeeDay2019. Purchase online today! https://t.co/LCCDgxG9ln


#JoeyBomb Gear Drop! Summer 2019 #TheDundeeLife t-shirts & hoodies are now available online. https://t.co/d1lCF19AM4

'21, OF/RHP, Joey Craig (@JoeyCraig) from Omaha Central has been added to the roster for the #NEProspectID

➡️ https://t.co/OSfnVCRdza

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